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Worst Books I Ever Read - DaveHD
September 9th, 2008
10:07 am


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Worst Books I Ever Read
Kelly McCullough posted a comment on the Wyrdsmiths blog about what makes a book interesting.  Being at heart a negatavist and naysayer, I felt compelled to post on what I really don't like in a book.  For the most part, I like reading, and I'll read a variety of styles, genre, subjects, and feel that the time was well spent.  I've also read a fair number of books which I'd never recommend to anybody, but nonetheless am satisfied that I read them.  For the most part I am indiscriminate in my reading.  There are, of course, exceptions:

(Posting this a little early to respond to Kelly.  I'll be adding to it in the next few days:)

Slave Girl Of Gor.  In my mid teens I  read the first couple of John Norman's Gor books and they were marginally interesting/entertaining and let's face it, my standards weren't that high. (You kids out there have no idea how deprived life used to be for anybody interested in reading fantasty.  My god, we ate up anything with a whiff of magic to it [how else do you explain the popularity of the Sword of Shannara,) and that bright yellow Daw binding called to me.)    Even as a teenage boy I could recognize SCoG as a rancid piece of shit.  It is so entirely appalling, that even the dirty bits couldn't compell a fiftteen year old boy me to finish it. 

Apparently, one of the most damning things I can say about a book is that it is forgettable, so thinking of this list is harder than I imagined.  Anybody have a "Worst Book" nomination?

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